The Distance Power Rankings (PRs) were a set of rankings released at the end of each month that measured the overall standings of top Distance players on the official levels. They ran from April 2019 through January 2023.

The idea is that they’re a fun measure that encourages players to keep competing and improving; don’t take them as a super serious measure of players’ skill. Not everyone can or wants to grind 100+ official levels.


There's three PR lists released at the end of each month; one each for sprint, challenge, and stunt modes. There are currently 120 official sprint tracks, 16 official challenge tracks, and 10 official stunt tracks, each of which counts for its respective PR. If you rank 10th or better on a track, you receive points according to this list:

 1st: 25 points
 2nd: 18 points
 3rd: 15 points
 4th: 12 points
 5th: 10 points
 6th:  8 points
 7th:  6 points
 8th:  4 points
 9th:  2 points
10th:  1 point

All players who tie receive full points, e.g., if two players tie for 1st, each gets the full 25 points.

Certain criteria (listed below) will disqualify a leaderboard entry for a level. For the purpose of calculating points, that entry will be treated as if it didn't exist, and entries below that player will be bumped up. For example, if on a map there is one entry ranked 1st, one entry ranked 2nd, and one entry ranked 3rd, and the entry ranked 1st is disqualifed, then the entry ranked 2nd will move up to be ranked 1st, and the entry ranked 3rd will be ranked 2nd.

Disqualification criteria

The following can disqualify a leaderboard entry:

If one of your entries was disqualified, you can try to set a new, legal, personal best to overwrite the disqualifed entry. Alternatively, you can use this tool I wrote to remove those entries.

List of disqualified times


Note: Some entries in these lists have a placement on the leaderboard too low to make a difference in the Power Rankings, for example if better times have pushed it down since I reviewed it. I have not removed such times from these lists.